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GAC Assignments

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) members attend every regular City of Cape Coral Council Meeting and report the actions to the GAC and the membeship.  Below is a list of the committee dates and the GAC member assigned.  If you have issues with local government or questions about a City Council meeting we encourage you to contact one or more of the GAC members below.

January 2015
12th- Angela Davis
26th- Chris Spiro

February 2015
2nd- Ed Bolter
9th- Ed Ramos
23rd- Gloria Tate

March 2015
2nd- Joanne Robertson
9th- Joseph Francioni
16th- Joe Mazurkiewicz
23rd- Julie Ferguson
30th- Max Dean

April 2015
6th- Terri Hall
13th- Trish Lassiter
20th- Wayne Kirkwood
27th- Angela Davis

May 2015
4th- Chris Spiro
11th- Ed Bolter
18th- Ed Ramos

June 2015
1st- Gloria Tate
8th- Joanne Robertson
15th- Joseph Francioni

July 2015
20th- Joe Mazurkiewicz
27th- Julie Ferguson 

August 2015
3rd- Max Dean
10th- Terri Hall
17th- Trish Lassiter
24th Wayne Kirkwood
31st- Angela Davis

September 2015
21st- Chris Spiro
28th- Ed Bolter

October 2015
5th- Ed Ramos
19th- Gloria Tate
26th- Joanne Robertson

November 2015
2nd- Joseph Francioni
9th- Joe Mazurkiewicz
16th- Julie Ferguson
23rd- Max Dean
30th- Terri Hall 

December 2015
7th- Trish Lassiter
14th- Wayne Kirkwood